As Eyüp Logistics, we aim to act with quality and environmental consciousness in every field of the transportation sector in which we operate and to minimize the environmental impacts that may arise as a result of our activities. On the way we set out to provide quality service, we strive to minimize waste, use natural resources efficiently, consider employee health, minimize environmental risks and provide a livable environment by constantly monitoring these goals. All our colleagues are obliged to support and help develop Quality, Environmental Management System and Energy Efficiency practices.

In this direction;

To realize Integrated Management System applications in accordance with the objectives and targets of our organization,
Use renewable energy sources wherever possible,
Comply with legal requirements and regulations regarding the environment and energy use and other compliance obligations,
Continuously improve energy performance and energy management system,
Reducing the waste generated during our logistics operations by taking it under control as much as possible, and recycling the waste in the most environmentally friendly way,
To inform all our employees through trainings on quality, environment and energy efficiency,
Using long-lasting, multi-purpose and reusable resources in our workspaces,
Preventing waste, protecting natural resources and using them in the most efficient way to prevent environmental pollution and protect the environment,
We are committed to continuously improving Integrated Management System practices to minimize the impacts of climate change.