The foundations of Eyüp Logistics were laid in 1936 when Ökkeş Bartık bought his first transportation vehicle.
In 1956, the son Abdulkadir Bartık took over the flag. Abdulkadir Bartık, who was engaged in transportation between Gaziantep and Istanbul until the 1980s, opened a new page by starting commercial vehicle spare parts trade and export in these years. Years later, the third generation Özcan Bartık and Eyüp Bartık took over the flag.
In 1996, DAF - Tırsan Commercial Goods started its distributorship in Southeastern Anatolia. In 2001, when the lack of high quality logistics services in Gaziantep was felt more and more, the decision to invest in the logistics sector was taken.
In 2003, all commercial activities other than logistics were liquidated and logistics was chosen as the main business line. Eyüp Logistics, which continues its investments in the sector, continues to grow and develop the regional economy by blending nearly a hundred years of experience in transportation with modern technology.