Chairman's Message

Dear Friends

The foundations of Eyüp Logistics were laid in 1936 when my late grandfather Ökkeş Bartık bought the first truck. After my grandfather worked as a transporter for 20 years, my father Abdulkadir Bartık took over the business in 1955. My father worked as a transporter between Gaziantep and Istanbul until 1986. I spent my childhood with the road stories told by my grandfather and father. In those years, transportation was engraved in my genes and soul. As the years passed and I grew up, I started to love our family business more and more and decided to do this business. In 1996, when we looked at the situation of the logistics sector in the world and in Gaziantep, we realized that the investment was appropriate and we started the business with my brother Özcan. In this process and today, our father is still our biggest guide.


We are a logistics company that turns crises into opportunities. For example, during the 2001 crisis, we foresaw that the economic contraction would benefit us, that Turkey would grow and go further, and we added new vehicles to our fleet. We always coincided our fleet investments with times of crisis. While making our investments in times of crisis, we also aimed to develop the economy of our country. In addition to our fleet of trucks, we carry out mutual transportation between Europe and Turkey with our large fleet of small vehicles. So much so that these vehicles deliver faster than air cargo today. Every delivery we make on time and safely reflects positively on our customers' competition in the market. We take them one step ahead in global trade.


With our existing fleet of vehicles, we are currently transporting to more than 56 countries. We are the leader in Europe. Therefore, we also benefit from high-level technology. Technology is a must for the logistics industry. With this awareness, we are making the biggest investment in technology. We will soon share this investment with the whole public. Today, we use GPS technology that is tracked at all times in all our transportation. This technology allows our customers to track the whereabouts of their cargo at any time and prevents incidents such as traffic accidents and vehicle theft. Our lucky side is that we are a company based in Gaziantep. Gaziantep is one of the fastest growing export leaders in Turkey. We get our strength from Gaziantep.


Eyüp Logistics is the number one in its branch in the region, and is among the top 10 in Turkey. The basic principle of Eyüp Logistics is its solution-oriented approach to problems. I liken problems and gossip to each other. You can talk about both for hours, but you cannot reach a solution. We have problems every day, but we solve those problems every day. Logistics itself is an interesting business. You take the same car through 8-10 different countries. The car, the load, the driver, everyone is on the move. Whoever you talk to in the sector, you hear complaints. I have adopted the principle of not talking about problems.

With nearly a hundred years of experience in logistics, we are transporting to all four corners of the world today. We work relentlessly with our high technology and qualified manpower. Our importers and exporters grow their businesses with us and find a place for themselves faster in the competitive market.

Eyüp Bartık

Chairman of the Board