Vision, Mission & Value


To continuously increase the value we add to our customers, employees and society with our quality services, flexibility and efficiency.


To be the largest logistics company in Europe.


Being human and environment-oriented

Increasing our service quality by using advanced technology

Creating agile organizational structures

Working in coordination with all our constituents

Being innovative

Making our customers' work easier

Culture and Philosophy

We value long-term customer relationships, sincere and lasting relationships.

We value people, the power of emotions and interaction.

We value integrity and honesty, the cornerstones of business and personal relationships.

We value diversity, the uniqueness of each individual and each community we serve.

We value diversity.

We value quality, creating and delivering the best solutions.

We value recognition, recognizing and celebrating success.

We value profitability, profitability that secures the future for our customers and for us.

We value education, the foundation of lifelong development.

We value enthusiasm and passion, the energy source of dynamism.

We value extraordinary service, service that leads to better living conditions.

We value imagination, the first step on the journey to success.